The Road

by Iron Curtain

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released August 31, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rollie Ulug at Bright Light Studios in Santa Ana, CA.


all rights reserved



Iron Curtain


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Track Name: Rope
What sets off a fire in your bones
How hollow are your highways
The rope whispers my name
But, still, cold drowns him out

There's no beginning
There is no end
Just rope

I look to your son
And then I look to mine
One saved me from death
The other from life

The rope, it whispers my name
But, still, cold drowns him out
Will he wrap my throat for death
Or will he pull me out
Track Name: Regress
Not your messiah
I cringe at the sight
I won't save you
I'm no savior

Bottomless pit of lies and vomit

Let go
Let die
Just die

I'm no savior
I won't save you
Track Name: Pillow Talk
The cold truth
I spew
The bone chill
I feel
The cold sweat
And short breath
It's all worthless

The light is fleeting with the day
My memories torment me

Suffocating me
Track Name: Lukewarm
I have seen the masses
I've seen them gather
Bow to the gavel and the master

You're quick or you're dead
You're blue or you're red
There's no fence to be walked
Staying silent when you should have fought

Hang me high and shake the tree
You'll get nothing from me
I will lie in this bed I've made
Crucified for what I say

Crucify me
Track Name: The Mountain
This fate is blinding
These prayers empty
I choose the mountain I climb
I choose where to lay

I fear I'm failing
I fear I'm fading
It's been weeks since I've seen home
To my mother; I am sorry
To my father; I am cursed

Bury me with all this inside of me
When I lay in the dirt

Was it worth it?
What's my purpose?
Hammer the nail

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