4 Way Split

by Iron Curtain

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12" Release on Bitter Melody Records
4-way split with
Vatican from Georgia
Funerals from Oregon
and Sanction from New York


released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Iron Curtain

5 piece hardcore/grind from the Inland Empire, CA.

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Track Name: Intro/Resolve
Carved into flesh
With tongues of silver
Like blade to stone, forever written
The laws of man the path is set

Contradiction fabrication
Contradiction eradication
Why must we follow blindly
Why must we never question
Why is there one and only
Why don't we have a choice

Plague of life, mankind's mistake
Preach of peace, in truth is hate
Silver tongued, the answers clear
In your head, is the only fear

There can be no resolution
When a foundation built on lies is the only solution
Track Name: Witch Hunt/Process Due
Witch Hunt:

Quick to judge
Quick to react
Quick to attack
With little known fact

Taking on the voice of the voiceless a title appointed to yourself

Actions speak louder than words
But all i hear is silence

Mob mentality
Burn at the stake
Attention seeking
With no thinking

Process Due:

What do you call freedom
What do you call morality
Small man behind a shield
What gives you the right

Where's the judge
Where's the jury

Do you feel strong
When life leaves their eyes
Do you feel like god
Watching as they die

You're weak
You're scared
They die

You're weak
You're scared
You lie