Doom & Gloom

by Iron Curtain

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released March 12, 2019


all rights reserved



Iron Curtain


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Track Name: A Moth to Flame
The blinding light
Get on your knees
And make this right

All is forgiven
For all of God’s children
Just tell them that’s how they
Get in to heaven

All is forgiven
At the gates of heaven

Bow your head
Close your eyes
Speak your truth
Tell no lies

Bow your head
Close your eyes
Bow your head
Innocence dies

All is forgiven
At the gates of heaven
Track Name: Blame
Point your finger
Aim my gun
I’ve made my peace with
What I’ve done
Far from perfect
I’m a bastard son
I’ve made peace with
What I’ve done

A liar, a cheater
Self loathing defeatist
Best friends with all of my demons
And I know well, the kind of hell that waits for me

Slipping slowly
Floating away
Burn my body in box
Cast me out to sea

No forgiveness for this violent death
No roses on my fucking chest
Track Name: The Devil You Don't (featuring Blake Foard)
Savior, a saint
Fear driven hate
Body’s a brush
Blood is the paint

Always thought that we knew you
And the good that you could do

Now you walk that thin line
Where the deaf lead the blind

And the scale only tips when you’re saving blue lives

We’re tired of dying
We’re tired of dying

Help us we can’t breathe
We’re not resisting

Noose at our necks
Klan at our backs
My brothers are dying
Cause their skin color’s black

Does my life
Does your life
Do our lives

Fuck your burning cross
Track Name: The Ladder
We reach our hands to an empty sky
The world consumed in violence
They prophecy our certain doom
The tongue of God stays silent

We will not hear the heavens sing
The 7 holy angels and the violence they bring
Prophet speak regret
The doom of silence

Speak now
Doomed to silence
Track Name: On Both Sides
You play the fool
Regress or progress
A one sided mirror
Both sides of that fence
Pro life, but you promised us death

A nation bows as you stand at the podium
Running your mouth like the River Styx
The guillotine right above our fucking heads
Bottlenecking us into the abyss

Tear off the wings of the flightless bird
Sever the head of the serpent king
Sever the head

Spew the sickness of ignorant breath

Pollute the minds of prideful men

Fall from grace, and beg her for mercy

Demise of God, man and country

Every wall you put up, will turn to dust
Track Name: Doom & Gloom (featuring Tommy Green)
False prophet
Lamb of perdition

The snake and his tongue
Will whisper the sound of the of the trumpet
"Behold," he says
"What I have in my hands
Will give you
Your deliverance"

He held out his hand
And from it fell the the moon and the stars

Fleeting from the sky
Crashing to the earth

Holy is the name
That commands blood shed

Perfect is the that servant
That delivers the sermon

Angel of wrath
Behold, all your glory
Track Name: The Ocean
You are the sky
I am the earth
You are the moon
And I am the dirt
Her light only touches me when the sun is away

Where do I find my salvation
At the bottom of the ocean
Where my guilt feels weightless
Let me live low, away from the sun

There’s no hand reaching out for me
There is nothing
There is nothing left
Beyond this broken
Deafening silence

I can’t see the sun
I can’t see her shine
I can’t feel the touch
Only the weight pressing down on me

There’s no small voice
There’s no white light
There’s no bright side
To this dark world

If hell exists it can’t be worse than this
If hell exists it can’t be worse than this

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